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Stacking and Cycling

Although Nandrolone belongs to the most powerful steroids, it acts slowly. So, do not expect a quick anabolic effect. Therefore, Nandrolone cycle requires more time than other AAS.

Nandrolone cycle

The usual length of a cycle is 8-10 weeks, however some bodybuilders take it up to 6 months, gradually increasing the dose.

Commonly Deca is taken at the dose 200 – 400 mg a week, however it is better to start with smaller doses. It will allow you to get accustomed to the drug and avoid problems in case of intolerance. The maximal weekly dose is 600 mg.

You should understand that you can achieve better results with 2 small-dose cycles (with a break between them), than with one high-dose cycle. Besides, higher doses may increase the probability of side effects.

Do injection once a week. Due to long half-life (about 7 days) there is no need to do more frequent injections. However, if your dose is high, you should split it into two or more injections.

Nandrolone cycle safety

If your cycle lasts for more than 8 weeks or the doses are high, you should include chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) into your cycle. If you didn’t take hCG during your cycle, you should start taking gonadotropin after it. 

Since the chemical structure of Nandrolone is close to progesterone it can produce effects similar to progesterone. You can easily avoid this side effect by taking cabergoline 0.25 mg every fourth day during your cycle and 2-3 weeks after it.

 Additionally, you should take Clomid, which is needed to restore natural testosterone production (HPTA). Start taking it from the beginning of the last week of your cycle and go on for 2-4 weeks after it.

The usual dose is 50-100 mg/day, gradually decrease the dose at the end. Do not use Tamoxifen since it can increase the number of progesterone receptors and accordingly increase progesterone related side effects.

Winstrol can also suppress progestin activity, take it starting from the second week up to the last week of your cycle.

Instead of gonadotropin, testosterone boosters can be used, however this is less effective.

Nandrolone stacking

The major disadvantages of Nandrolone are slow action, suppression of testosterone and accordingly decreased libido. You can easily avoid these disadvantages by adding Testosterone to your cycle.

The dosage of testosterone should be about 2 times higher than the dosage of nandrolone, e.g. Testosterone (or Sustanon 250) 500 mg / week + Nandrolone 100-300 mg / week.

Deca also goes well with Winstrol (50 mg/day). For quicker muscle-building effect athletes combine Nandrolone with Dianabol (methandienone). The classic Deca / Dianabol stacking is Dianabol 15 – 40 mg/day + Deca 200 – 400 mg/week.

For enormous gain in strength and muscle size professional bodybuilders use the following combo: Deca – 400 mg / week + Sustanon 250 – 500 mg / week + Dianabol 30 mg / day.

While using steroid combinations it is important to take anti-estrogens (Clomid 1 tab ED) starting from the 3rd week of your cycle and additionally 1 week after it. For liver protection use LIV-52, which will make your cycle completely safe.

Classic pre-contest stack is : Nandrolone 400 mg/week, Winstrol 50 mg/day, Parabolan 228 mg/week (every ampule contains 76 mg of substance) , and  Anavar (Oxandrolone) 25-30 mg/day (10 mg tabs).

Nandrolone women’s cycle

Nandrolone belongs to women friendly steroids, however prolonged usage or very high doses can cause virilization (voice deepening, clitoris enlargement, excessive body hair growth). The safe dosage for females is 50 mg/week. The length of a cycle should not exceed 4-6 weeks. Women should avoid using this drug during pregnancy and breast feeding.

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