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Nandrolone producers

Nowadays Nandrolone is produced by different manufacturers, and there are many brands on the market. Both official and non-official. However, despite this abundance, it’s very hard to find high quality product, as the market is flooded with counterfeits. In this article we will discuss the “price & quality” relation among two Nandrolone producers, known for their high quality.   

The most reliable Nandrolone is from the Moldovan company CS Balkan Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (Moldova) It is always of good quality and has accurate dosage.

The other reliable manufacturer is SP Laboratories (Moldova). The quality of its Nandrolone is still at a good level, however, the dosage may vary. The volume of liquid in the capsule may be less by up to 10-20% than it is stated. At the same time, the price is almost 2 times lower than in CS Balkan Pharmaceuticals. This should be considered when choosing the best price / quality relation.

Thus, both CS Balkan Pharmaceuticals and SP Laboratories produce almost the same quality of Nandrolone. However, they may differ in dosage and price.   

Important!!! Nowadays official manufacturers do not produce Nandrolone in 2ml capsules. If you find them on the market – know that this Nandrolone is counterfeit.

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